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Smallworlds Places - Details here.

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Smallworlds Places - Details here. Empty Smallworlds Places - Details here.

Post  Jordan Goodall on Tue Mar 08, 2011 6:56 pm

Smallworlds contains many weird and wonderful places, such as the Cue Club, the Cue Club is not owned by normal players, but owned by smallworlds staff, there are many places in smallworlds that are only owned by smallworlds staff, these are the landing pad, trading post, information hub, the factory, arena central, space jump, magma core, fun spot, game planet, winter sports, cue club, spacies fun zone, rachel's tea room, woodlands park, white sands resort, the vault(also known as the bank), tombstone, aqua lounge(VIP ONLY), combobulator laboratory, pirate cove, kaspers game lounger, the island, and thermae spa. There are also player-controlled places, these are the places that you create, you decorate your places(also known as spaces) and you can also buy new places such as, chatswood villa, the hollywood, manor hall, parallel rooms, dream catcher rooms, long corridor, morgan bungalow, skull strait, variety rooms, ring archipelago, compact room, cozy room, little room, entry room, airy appartment, woldview condo, central studio, la galleria, the basement, half mile hall, bachelor pad, small harbor, beachy head, arid plains, quattro rooms, the grand hall, inner passages, labyrinth valley, island of rivers, hidden cove, sunny atoll, and hot water beach. you can buy these from players and sell them to players, you can also change the name of your place and the theme.

Have i missed something, PM me or post here.
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