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SWHive Rules

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SWHive Rules Empty SWHive Rules

Post  Jordan Goodall on Tue Mar 08, 2011 6:22 pm

Hello readers,

I guess your wondering what the rules are? scratch

Well here are the rules for SWHive.

  • Do not use bad language - 1 day ban
    Do not scam on the forum - Perm Ban
    Do not post smallworlds exploits on the forum - 1 day ban
    Do not be abusive or disrespectful to other players on the forum - 1hour ban/ 1 day ban / Perm ban
    Do not spam - Perm ban
    Do not advertise other websites on the forum unless you have permission to from a moderator or an admin - 1hour ban/ 1 day ban/ Perm ban
    Do not post links on the forum unless permission too from admins or moderators - 1 day ban

-PM an admin or a moderator if you would like to post a suitable link.

Follow the rules and be happy! bounce
Jordan Goodall
Jordan Goodall

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